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This app is only available on Apple TV and you can use this app to watch your favorite IPTV playlist in the Apple TV from Gen 3 .

This is most popular with a smooth interface application for IPTV . We recommend it between all other available apps for Apple TV .



Install IPTV Channels on iPlayTV

You need install iPlayTV from Apple TV app store . it Cost 3.99 USD

App in app store : https://apps.apple.com/app/iplaytv/id1072226801

Then follow this steps :

Time needed: 8 minutes.

Install IPTV in iPlayTV on Apple TV

1. Select ADD Playlist

open iPlayTV and select Add Playlist

2. Choose Xtream Server

There are 3 ways to add IPTV list: M3U link (Remote playlist file) ,
Downloaded m3u list (Local file) and Xtream Server .
We recommend to use Xtream server method which provide
you more feature like EPG and play list auto update .

3. Enter Xtream server details

You need enter the Xtream server details : Server URL ,Username and password which provided by your IPTV provider .
You can Extract Xtream server details form M3u link too , Look at FAQs section below.
Note : you need enter a name for playlist , It can be any name ( install-iptv in this case)
Select Save

4. Channels and VOD loading

In last the playlist load channels, VOD and EPG informations.



How to find Xtream Codes details ?

You can extract Xtream Codes information from M3u link . look at this example:

How to zapping channel list when a channels play ?

You can slide finger from left to right over remote control to slide zapping channel list .

How to show current channel EPG?

Slide your finger from right to left over remote control .

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